Do I have to be a pilot to attend? 

Certainly not! In fact many accomplished pilots come to the event just to spend time with friends, enjoy the atmosphere and spectate the event. All visitors and the general public are welcome at the event at a reduced price. 

Will this be an AMA insured Event?

Yes, it will be necessary for the event to be insured and safe. This will be an AMA event and we will be observing all AMA safety codes during the event. An AMA License will be mandatory for all pilots. This will be checked at registration, where pilot badges will be issued for the event. Current MAAC Canadian Memberships will also be honored. If you haven’t already, you will need to join or renew your AMA license before the event:

Can I volunteer at Flite Fest?

Yes! Please contact if you would like to volunteer.

Please make your subject headline “Flite Fest Volunteer” to make your email easy to find.

Send us your name, phone number and if you have any special requests or special experience with events.


Will there be food at Flite Fest?

There will be some food vendors available.


Can I bring my own food to Flite Fest?

Yes of course.


Will there be restrooms available?

Yes, there will be public event restrooms on site.


Will there be camping available? 

Yes, there is limited camping spots available. Please check the registration page. 

Planes & Multirotors

What kind of planes can I bring to Flite Fest?

In order to keep things simple, we ask that you only bring electric planes. Perhaps this will change for future events but we thank you for respecting this. We will have a sport line if you would like to have larger electric planes.


Can I bring my mulitrotor to Flite Fest?



Can I bring my helicopter to Flite Fest?

Yes! Electric only please.


Can I fly FPV at Flite Fest?

Yes! There will even be a FPV flight area.


Will there be a charging station for batteries?