Flite Crew
Festival Operations Team

In order to build a festival and have it run well it takes a lot of help from all of our wonderful volunteers that have saved the event before in more ways then you can imagine. Something we have noticed over the years is that there is a select group of volunteers who are often found working way too hard and doing way too much to keep the festival running. We appreciate that group more than you could ever know but we never want someone to work that hard at our events. 

Our goal with the Flite Crew is to use this team as a mechanism to identify, utilize and organize these fine people that contribute above and beyond to the event. We want to make sure it's not just working hard for the sake of it, but that there is recognition, reward and still plenty of time to relax and enjoy the event. Being on Flite Crew is definitely not for everyone, and that's by design. There is a very limited amount of positions that are needed and available. If this sounds like it might be for you, please read the additional info below and click "apply" at the end of the page!

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So how does it work?

People that are enlisted for the Flite Crew have additional responsibility and a different experience of Flite Fest.

Here's a short list of how Flite Crew team members are different from traditional volunteers:
1. You attend Flite Fest for free! If you have already purchased tickets, you will be refunded once you are accepted. 
2. You get specific Flite Crew gear to wear for each day and a special identification/pilot badge. 
3. You will be "on duty" in some capacity for 6.5 hours per day, carefully scheduled to make sure you have lots of free time at the event. 
4. You will receive a "loot chest" with lots of awesome items provided by Flite Test, Sponsors and vendors. 
5. Lunch will be provided every day at the shift change. Also a great way to update the next shift. 
6. Wednesday night after set up and Sunday night after tear down we will be having a Flite Crew BBQ. 
7. You will be on a unique festival operations radio channel to communicate with other team members. 

What happens if I am not selected? 

There will be plenty of instances where we will receive applications for positions that are already filled. That's okay!
We don't want anyone to feel like they weren't selected for any particular reason. In some cases, positions were filling up long ago based on the fact that we knew there were some really talented people already suited to a position. Your application won't be wasted. We will use them as a reference for future events and use it to coordinate more closely as we fill out traditional volunteer positions. 

Positions Available

This is a position that helps facilitate communications, volunteer tent, scheduling, and other volunteer matters. 

Coordination of shuttle services, golf carts and their availability to staff. 

Tent/RV Parking & Grounds
Oversees parking operations, directing incoming camping vehicles (tent/rv) and to the proper area.
A motorized scooter would be a major plus here, but we may be able to provide one and you would also have a golf cart available. 

Field Support
This position coordinates with other volunteers and Andre to direct day parking, garbage detail and assist/direct newcomers. 

Technical Support
This position supports various aspects of electrical, showers, bathrooms, generators and refuelling operations. Electrical certifications and prior experience is a big bonus here. Set up, layout and tear down will all be professionally managed by contractors so it's more about being knowledgeable and available for some of the unknown issues that popup. 

Safety is in the core of what Flite Fest is. It's important to us that despite the fun projects and building that there is a posture of safety. Since nearly 100% of the time is spent not attending to a medical emergency, making sure staff/volunteers are drinking plenty of water and keeping on top of the medical supplies will be priorities. 

Flite Line
The flight line is quite literally the front line of any Flite Fest event. This position will oversee and coordinate other staff and volunteers to keep our flight line safe, inclusive of new pilots and make sure pilots are conducting themselves properly. It takes a special kind of person to be able to point out to someone that what they are doing is improper and there is a better way while keeping the conversation cordial and helpful. Flite Fest is FULL of new pilots and making sure they feel included and are operating safely is a top priority.  

Build Tent
This position is about being available to built tent volunteers as a resource and making sure the vision of the build tent concept is honored. Duties will involve making sure attendees are meeting build tent requirements, kindly reminding people no "camping" at benches and clearing items in the evening to lost and found.

Store Tent
Do you have an intimate knowledge of Flite Test products? Do you love "nerding out" on RC gear and keeping up with various recommendations? The Flite Test Store position may be for you! This position reports directly to Jen Bixler and will be an extremely important part of assisting less knowledgeable volunteers in the store tent and helping attendees find what they are looking for. 

First impressions are important! You will be one of the first people that people talk to when they arrive at Flite Fest. This position reports directly to Megan Ryberg and will assist with entry gate operations and processes. 

Working Hours
All shifts will last 6.5 hours each day. Some of these positions will be more mentally or physically taxing than others so please let us know what your preference is. Some positions will involve interacting with people (a lot of people) and some will be more physically demanding but less mental fatigue. Although there will be plenty of work to do, your shifts will be designed to be FUN! This is not only a great way to meet other people at the event but to really meet some new friends and have a common goal together.